Recent Playlists from 2022.

A few playlists i haven't posted about yet lots to listen to!


Post Beltane Mix May 2022

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June Playlist 2022

Sifitng through some recent releases. Lovely stuff from Rachael Dadd, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Daphni, Herbert, Polypores and…

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Late September Playlist 2021

Sneaking in at the end of September.

Some atmospherics. Anniversary time for Caribou/Manitoba,  a bit of Low and some nice archival recordings. 

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July Playlist

Made during the Summer of 2021 on the North Coast of Northern Ireland when the locals retreat to the safety of their homes!

Some listening from around then. Looking back it's a mix of electronic tracks but that Miriam Makeba…

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March Listening


March 2021 playlist

A few things that i've been listening to in Feb/March. Some electronics, rediscovering Mouse on Mars. Some jazzier stuff and the recent new Rock Action releases. 

There's been a lot of talk about Disintegration by The Cure…

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