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Coney Island Sound

The debut album from Coney Island Sound: Klang!, is released on the Score Draw Music label.

It's a collage of light hearted cut-and-paste electronic music made at the seaside by sound archivist, Ewan Gordon.

Coney Island Sound is an experimental project that fuses samples of old recordings, junkshop synths, found sounds and acoustic instruments in a folk and pop influenced mix.

Recently, The Lemonade Song was chosen as Lauren Laverne's headphones moment on her BBC6 Music breakfast show.
Album tracks including Klang! Nautical By Nature and Introducing Mr Kellogg have picked up plays on BBC National and regional Introducing shows.

Tracks have also featured on specialist shows including Stephen McCauley's BBC Electric Mainline show and Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on BBC 6 Music and Stuart Bailie's Radio Ulster Show.

Album tracks have also featured on XFM and Resonance FM and have been regularly played on Amazing Radio.

It’s all part of the excellent lightness that is Klang!, an album of found sound, child-like wonder, Arcadian electronica. Yes, and occasional voices, glitch-craft, simple Casio machines and toytown play. There is reason to smile, to feel rather giddy, to give yourself into the method that is Coney Island Sound.

Stuart Bailie, Culture Northern Ireland

The album literally sounds like summer throughout; evocative of school holidays, ice-cream vans, insects buzzing and enough of the great outdoors to no doubt set off the hay fever of anyone so inclined.

Klang’ is therefore, a gleeful and successful experiment – at its best moments, such as on the unexpected squeeze-box techno outro of ‘Nautical By Nature’ – Gordon touches on the same sweet-spot between ‘what the hell am I listening to?’ and sheer joy that The Flaming Lips manage to hit so consistently.


There's some glorious stuff on here - most of it (especially opener "Introducing Mr Kellogg" and the dizzy-making "The Lemonade Song") shamelessly, giddily, joyous.

Colin Carberry, Hot Press

Of its many achievements, perhaps the greatest is the way in which Klang!, the marvellous debut album from Coney Island Sound, manages to disguise a great deal of weighty subtext in a dizzily joyous and feather-light form.

Print Review Hot Press

"Klang!" is made of happiness.

"Klang!" by Coney Island Sound is 52 minutes of relaxing, soul soothing, largely instrumental music which makes life that little bit happier. Fans of artists like Lemon Jelly, Penguin Cafe Orchestra & The Go! Team's instrumental interludes will find much to like here, but in truth Coney Island Sound stands up as a highly original piece of work in its own right. You will be hard pressed to find an album like it this year.

Metaphorical Boat

It's laid-back and light-hearted with enough going on that it’s never boring. CIS sound like a purely instrumental Postal Service or a more upbeat Boards Of Canada; there’s a real sense of warmth, a joyousness almost to this record....

Folk & Tumble

All these ingredients result in joyously quirky electronica with a distinctly organic feel. Indeed, you can almost smell the salt water and feel sea breeze on your skin as you listen to these rich audio tapestries.

Fresh on The Net

Like flipping through a stack of old LIFE magazines, Gordon's compositions drudge up an overwhelming sense of historical nostalgia. You can't quite place the origin of the audio clips, but they feel like the background visuals of our shared pasts come to life. Suddenly you're in the parlour with a guest as a radio broadcasts the news to your family in an adjoining room. It's 1942. Or is it 2010? You're not quite sure anymore.

Strangers in Stereo

Klang! was longlisted for the Northern Ireland Music Prize in 2013.


In Profile on BBC Electric mainline with Stephen Mc Cauley

Amazing Radio, In Conversation with Dani Charlton
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I Hate Fonda 500

Various incredible artists

'I Hate Fonda 500' is a track by track remix/remake/reimagine of 2018’s critically acclaimed 'I ❤️ Fonda 500’ album. It’s an evil twin. Dark matter. It’s that missing sock which emerges from the tumble dryer to complete the pair. Eighteen tracks by eighteen different artists. It will be released on the Record Mountain label on the 24th May. We invited friends and acquaintances we have met along our travels to take one of the original tracks and do whatever they wanted with it. Released on a limited edition run of 400 CDs and 40 special edition cassettes, we have the results of that invitation! “Eclectic and batsh*t crazy”, the album is an impressive collection of free thinking and bold personal statements. It’s Danny Devito in Twins.
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Coney Island Sound

I've done several remixes to date and wanted to make them available in one place.

I've worked on lovely tracks by Alaska in Winter, Awesome Wells, O Fracas, Skibunny, Not Squares and And So i Watch You From Afar.

You can also find the Awesome Wells remix via the Red Deer Club website as part of the remix album Awesome Wells & Friends #2

A radio edit of Alaska in Winter's Balkan Lowrider Anthem is also available on Itunes or on the limited edition vinyl EP via Regular Beat Recording Co.
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